It’s all a balancing act

The amount of foods claiming to be ‘sugar free’ or ‘fat free’ these days is astounding. But just because its ‘free’ doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Rather than cutting out foods, look to balance out meals with some easy food swaps. Rather than your two pieces of white toast with peanut butter (hidden sugar!) at breakfast, Read more about It’s all a balancing act[…]

Easy Recipe: Avocado veggie spring rolls with sweet Thai mango sauce

These babies are the perfect meal for Top End living. Packed with veggies, mint and avo they’re seriously good for you and DELICIOUS. It’s also super flexible so if you’re not super keen on the veggies we’ve used feel free to make your own combo. If you don’t have time to roll the spring rolls then throw Read more about Easy Recipe: Avocado veggie spring rolls with sweet Thai mango sauce[…]

21 Days to break a habit [free download]

It’s hard to admit you need to make a change, and even harder to break the habit once you have. But having the gumption to kick what’s holding you back can transform you into brighter, better version of yourself. As part of our ‘bad habits’ newsletter edition we’ve been doing our research. Whether it’s smoking Read more about 21 Days to break a habit [free download][…]

The 5 : 5 : 50 challenge [free meal plan]

5 meals a day, for 5 days, for only $50. This week at IOF headquarters we put our thinking caps on and explored healthy eating on a budget. There are three excuses we hear constantly:   Eating healthy is too expensive Eating healthy takes too long to prepare Eating healthy meals-for-one isn’t cost effective Rather than just tell you that none of Read more about The 5 : 5 : 50 challenge [free meal plan][…]