December 6, 2017

Skipping Workouts

Here at IOF we want you to SKIP your way to your

Skipping! Do you remember skipping for hours on end as a kid?  I do!

Skipping, or jumping rope as some call it, is a plyometric style workout excellent for developing, power, speed and endurance. Famous advocates of jump rope include Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee and countless other martial artists, boxers and sports stars.

Here are some other FUN FACTS for you to skip over!

  • Did you know that the activity of jumping rope can be traced back to 1600 A.D. when the Egyptians used vines for jumping.
  • There is a World Jump Rope Federation!
  • Jump Rope is a competitive sport in over 38 countries and jump roping organizations and clubs can be found almost anywhere.
  • The most backwards skips over a rope in 30 seconds is 143, achieved by Ayuka Inuki (Japan) in Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan, on 28 March 2017!
  • The most skips in 30 seconds was 162 and was achieved by Megumi Suzuki (Japan) for Bikkuri Chojin Special #3 (Fuji TV) in Tokyo, Japan, on 12 March 2010!

I hope you enjoy.

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