Go Tara!


Tara contacted IOF in March, looking for help and guidance on how to get into shape for her wedding in three months.

She had set herself a goal of losing 20kgs before her big day, and particularly wanted to tone up her arms to look fabulous in her dress.

Tara’s enthusiasm towards her training and fantastic commitment to her goal was inspiring for all of us at IOF. Through attending 4 sessions a week, and working out at home, Tara had successfully lost 19kgs with 7 weeks to go before her big day.

Her goal was SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and had a Timeframe – 20kgs to lose,  3 months to do it (so about 1.5kg/week of weight loss), attending 4 training sessions each week and making the most of IOF’s nutritional support.

Take a look at her amazing transformation!



Before joining IOF


After joining IOF











With hard work, dedication, and motivation, Tara has done it! We are all so proud of what Tara has achieved and wish Tara & Glen health and happiness on their wedding day and beyond.

Looking forward to the wedding pics!

Your IOF Family.