Its all about Just taking Small Steps Forward Everyday.


Even the days you feel like you don’t have any energy to do so. Those are the times when it counts. And just by doing something its Amazing how this can make a difference to your day.

Even though we control or Emotions, thoughts and Feelings. After being Active even if it is for 20 minutes. There is No better Healthier Drug.

I hear you; it can feel like its hard. You had a “big day”. Your exhausted.
But that’s just what you keep telling yourself. So, you start to believe it. And then before you know it a pattern has formed and – YES you are in this RUT.

That weight that you so desperately wanted to lose is still there and some more. Your lacking more energy then you where last week. And as you take a glance in the mirror- The self-hate starts, the tears and the sadness kick in. You are on the cycle again.

So, at the time its easier just to GIVE UP- eat that Big MAC and Fries and Mint Pattie. Well at least for 5 minutes you FEEL GOOD.
I hear YOU and feel your pain. This is where I was. I life of McDonalds, Lollies and No self Esteem.

Until I started taking those Small Steps Forward every day.