Look good, feel good. It’s all good.



Ever wondered why everything seems to go great whenever you’re in your favourite outfit?

Everyone wants to look good, and everyone wants to feel good too. But is it all about the clothes you wear? The simple answer is NO. It’s important to focus on how your body feels and the mood you’re in, and to be realistic about what changes to your body that you are chasing. It’s hard to put emotion aside but it’s important to set yourself up to feel good from the inside out (as our names suggests!). As you improve your body positivity you will come to enjoy your training sessions more and feel better in your own skin; it’s a beautiful thing.

Regular exercise will not just help you look great, but also feel great too. It’s been proven that exercise improves mental health and increases positivity and self-confidence. Say you’ve been working hard at the gym to hit that new PB, and after weeks you’ve finally reached your goal. All that hard work will show – physically and mentally. The sense of achievement, of reaching that goal, will boost your confidence and determination – it will be attractive too!

Sometimes it’s not so important to worry about choosing the perfect outfit. Focus on improving yourself from the inside out, and worry about clothes later! A smile is the best thing you can wear, so make sure you’re happy with how you feel, make choices that make you feel good (not sluggish) and rock that confidence!

And you never know, your happiness could influence someone else to make a positive lifestyle change.

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