The Art of Goal Setting

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Do you set effective goals?

A goal is defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Goals range in size and difficulty from person to person, and what is an easy, achievable goal for one person might be years of effort for another.

People also set, and set out to achieve, goals differently.  Effective goal setting is an art and knowing how to set your goals can make all the difference in actually achieving your goals. Smaller goals should form stepping stones to larger goals, they should all be measurable and have a timeline.

Achieving your goals is also about having the confidence to take the steps needed to reach your goal. 

Do you have the confidence to achieve your goals? Originally I didn’t, but now I am happily living my life by my terms, taking actions towards personal growth and working on my next lot of life goals.

I’ve created a new e-book based on my experiences, learnings, and as part of my new goals! I hope that it helps you understand how to set your goals and see that you too can achieve your goals!

Read Sue Shepherd’s 5 Steps to Build Your Confidence [e-book]

Download the free IOF 90 Day Goals and Action Planner