January 31, 2017

Download the 5:5:50 meal plan

5:5:50 web copy


Five meals a day, for five days, for only $50 bucks.

And not just any meals- fast, delicious and nutritious options (what we like to call the ultimate trifecta: FDN)

There are three excuses we hear constantly:

  1. Eating healthy is too expensive
  2. Eating healthy takes too long to prepare
  3. Eating healthy meals-for-one isn’t cost effective

We put these excuses to the test earlier last year and you can learn all about how we went and take on board a few of our tips from the blog here .

And we’ve also created a pretty printable meal plan based off the experiment for you to download. Once you’ve given ours a try feel free to get creative and create your own.

Download this free meal plan for a fast, delicious and nutritious week

Download the 5:5:50 Meal Plan
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